Summer is the ideal time to renovate classrooms, homes, offices or commercial local. The main goal: make savings for next month’s electricity or gas invoices. Home automation allows to control energy consumption and optimize heating management. Discover our 4 tips to allow to your clients to make savings on heating thanks to home automation.


Tip n°1: Turn the boiler smart

All boilers have a thermostat, allowing to adjust temperature in a living space. Often, it is difficult to know the inertia time while temperature is manually changed. This function type is not energy efficient, the user have to change the temperature and heating state on day and night, week and week-end. For examples, offices and class rooms don’t have to be heated on week-end. NodOn EnOcean Multifunction Relay Switch will allow an automatic and smart gas heating management.

Installed on the boiler and paired to a home automation gateway, it allows to make savings. Programming is quick and simple through the compatible home automation gateway interface. Once done, no more action is needed! If the gateway mention real time weather conditions, heating management will be optimized.

Tip n°2: Connect electrical heaters

If the heating type is electrical and that heaters don’t integrate a thermostat or any intelligence, it is necessary to connect it to allow a local and/or automatic control and in some cases, its central control. How? By simply installing an EnOcean Heating Pilot Wire Module* behind the grommet of the pilot wire heater. Once installed, the heater can be controlled with an EnOcean battery-less remote, an EnOcean smart button to launch scenarios, or automatically. Getting from comfort mode to eco mode is a child’s play, allowing to make electricity savings and to simultaneously control several heaters.

Electrical heaters without pilot wire can be turned smart thanks to a Multifunction Module. It control will stay identical (through a controller or a home automation gateway).


Tip n°3: Change the heating mode automatically and/or locally

Central point of home consumption during more than 6 months in a year, heating must be adapted to user’s life habits. Whether it is at home, at the office or in a class room, places must be heated when someone is inside. No need to install wire equipment and make major renovation works. An EnOcean Motion Sensor, paired to NodOn relay switches will allow to launch comfort mode if a presence is detected in the room, and turn heaters in eco mode if no motion is detected. This sensor will allow a local and automatic control, ideal to optimize heating management.

How to avoid unnecessarily heating a room when a window is opened? By installing an EnOcean battery-less Door/Window Opening Sensor and a NodOn Relay Switch. Once installed, it will allow to optimize heating and reduce electricity consumption.


Tip n°4: No need to think about it anymore, home automation gateway manages heating

Heaters and boiler are connected, but the user want an automatic and/or remote control? If it has a compatible EnOcean home automation gateway, then it just have to pair NodOn relay switches. Configuration is simple and quick, allowing to benefit an automatic heating management and also a remote control with his smartphone.

To go further, user can have a direct access to electrical consumption of his pilot wire heaters on his smartphone, thanks to his home automation gateway.

Then, having an intelligent and energy sufficient heating don’t need a lot of construction works neither too much investments. Connected Relay Switches installed by professionals, a home automation gateway with a smartphone App and it is done!

*Product available on fall 2019