enocean protocol

The most user-friendly protocol for smart home

Bluetooth® is … Bluetooth®!

Everybody knows about Bluetooth®! On the market for more than 15 years, Bluetooth® is a technical and marketing guarantee for every single user

Smart Mesh

Bluetooth® 5.0 will hit the market, with its dedicated “Smart Mesh” feature, for Smart Home.

Low Power

Very low energy consumption, allowing years of autonomy on battery without maintenance

No gateway needed

You’re looking for a Bluetooth® Gateway / Hub? Look in your pocket, I’m pretty sure you already have one

About Bluetooth®

Bluetooth® wireless technology is the global wireless standard enabling simple, secure connectivity for an expanding range of devices and serves as the backbone of the connected world. Bluetooth® Smart technology, through an updatable platform and low power consumption, creates new application opportunities for the mobile phone, consumer electronics, PC, automotive, health & fitness and smart home industries. With nearly three billion devices shipping annually, Bluetooth® is the wireless technology of choice for developers and consumers worldwide. Backed by industry leading companies, the Bluetooth® SIG empowers over 25,000 member companies to collaborate, innovate and guide Bluetooth® wireless technology.

By 2017, Bluetooth® SIG will release Bluetooth® 5.0, and the Bluetooth® Smart which will be dedicated to Smart Home and Smart Building applications. Stay tuned to enjoy the #1 Consumer Electronics Wireless technology within your Smart Home.

Looking for a consumer oriented protocol?
Bluetooth® is your choice!

Bluetooth® is famous, Bluetooth® is simple, Bluetooth® is everywhere. OEM devices designed by NodOn using Bluetooth® are compatible with any Smartphone or BLE device of the market, and make Smart Home simpler than ever. Plug, Set-up and Enjoy! Everything from your favorite Smartphone.

Bluetooth® – A strategic protocol for NodOn

NodOn started to be part of the Bluetooth® Smart Mesh program right after CES 2015. As a strategic partner of the leading companies currently establishing the Bluetooth® Smart Mesh within the Bluetooth SIG, NodOn designs OEM relay switches, smart plugs and controllers in Bluetooth®. Discover the 2.4GHz OEM solution