What is it for?

NodOn Connect is an application available on the Apple store and the Play store.

This application allows you to update the firmware (internal firmware) of NodOn products in the Zigbee range (multifunction module, lighting module, roller shutter module) via your smartphone and very simply. Indeed, firmware upgrades can be published over time to, for example, add new features or allow compatibility with new products always with a view to interoperability, which is the DNA of NodOn.

How is this innovative?

Most products in other ranges require a qualified person to update the firmware of a product. It is necessary to use specific equipment and a specific procedure. This can be time consuming for the customer and requires them to send their products back to the manufacturer to perform this operation. With NodOn Connect application, we take away all of this inconvenience. Each user can update their products over the air without having to dismantle them. The product can therefore evolve and is not fixed in its version at the time of purchase.

How does it work?

Zigbee 3.0 modules are based on a 2.4 GHz platform, they have the possibility to connect via Bluetooth. The application (via the smartphone’s Bluetooth connection) will scan the devices available in its environment. When the module is detected, it will indicate the current firmware version, the type of product and its reference. It will also indicate if a more recent version is available. If so, simply click on the circular arrows to update it. The application will fetch the new firmware from its database, download it and install it in the product without any further action from the user. Once the installation is complete, the product can be used immediately without delay.

Download NodOn connect on Android
Download NodOn connect on iOS