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A look back at our first Keynote of 2021

On April 8, we held our very first Keynote of 2021, based on our new Zigbee & Zigbee NodOn PRO range.

This Keynote was particularly important for NodOn, as it allowed us to present our future Zigbee projects, our new range of products for consumers and professionals, and our new brand, NodOn PRO.

Our 3 speakers, Thomas Gauthier (CEO), Alexis Polegato (CTO) and Coralie Feillault (Marketing) were able, at the end of these 20 minutes, to lift the veil on this collaboration between NodOn and Zigbee and our various projects for the year 2021.

Our special guests: Bruno Vulcano, President of the Zigbee Alliance, and David Meixner, Zigbee and Thread Product Manager at Silicon Labs.

NodOn reveals its first three Zigbee 3.0 products

Welcome to our demo room: this is where the magic happens…

Alexis, our CTO, previews our Zigbee 3.0 range, designed for #smarthomes and #smartbuildings.

Here are our latest connected modules used to control lighting, openings, and more in smart homes and buildings.

these modules are compatible with all Zigbee ecosystems on the market, as well as with Zigbee compatible voice assistants (Amazon = Alexa)

In this short video, learn how these modules work, the installation process and how NodOn designs quality products that are easy to use.

Our strategy towards Green Power

Since 2013, NodOn has been committed to producing products that fit into the Energy Harvesting movement, including battery-free & wireless products.

Indeed, if you are familiar with the Zigbee protocol, you have probably already heard of Zigbee Green Power.

Green Power is a feature of the Zigbee protocol that allows the Energy Harvesting technology to be used directly on the Zigbee stack (= the Zigbee architecture).

Green Power is a battery-less & wireless standard that does not use batteries, and therefore uses the collected energy to run the products. The fact that our products are energy self-sufficient ensures minimum energy use.

NodOn is committed to continue producing Energy Harvesting products that are compatible with the Zigbee Green Power protocol.