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HOMEKITTM: Apple® protocol for smart home

The IoT platform powered by Apple®

Created and backed by Apple®, HomeKitTM integrates perfectly in your favorite iEcosystem

Products availability

Announced as one of the future Smart Home standard, HomeKitTM will ensure that all your home devices will communicate together


Apple® security standards are among the highest in the world. Make sure your home and data will be always safe


Install, set-up and operate your Smart Home with only few clicks on your iDevice

About HomeKitTM

Backed by Apple®, HomeKitTM stands as a label meaning that product can work together and talk to each other, through the Apple® “Home” App, which appeared on all our iDevice since iOS 10. Whether you aim to control your entire Home from a single App, or to create scenarios between products from different manufacturer, Apple® Home will enable the most seamless Smart Home ever.

HomeKitTM is a framework for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user’s home. You can enable users to discover HomeKitTM accessories in their home and configure them, or you can create actions to control those devices. Users can group actions together and trigger them using Siri.

HomeKit® products demos available

Announced 2 years ago, the Apple® HomeKitTM standard is finally hitting our home. NodOn® has taken advantage of CES 2017 in Las Vegas to present its first HomeKitTM demo.

NodOn® will jump into the HomeKitTM world with:

– The HomeKitTM Micro Smart Plug: The European’s smallest HomeKitTM Smart Plug, to control any devices from Apple® ecosystem.

« Hey Siri, can you please make me a coffee? »

– The HomeKitTM NIU: Siri is nice, but we will always need buttons or switches to operate our Smart Home. There it is, the famous Bluetooth® Smart Button – NIU – to discover in a HomeKitTM compatible version.

We are very enthusiastic to know that smart home will very soon be simple to use for the user, and as of now we are putting our know-how at your disposal.

A simple and secure protocol, to create the iecosystem you always dreamed of

NodOn® has acquired an expertise on HomeKitTM protocol, allowing us to create secured and MFI certified products for smart home, compatible with all Apple® ecosystem. Today, this capacity of innovation allow us to propose the perfect HomeKitTM product to suit your needs and expertise.

NodOn® – Part of a MFI Certified group

As part of Altyor Group, NodOn® takes advantage of R&D services and production facilities which has been MFI certified by Apple® for almost 2 years.  All our products comply with Apple® demanding and challenging certification process