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The standard to unify IoT


Matter makes a maximum of smart devices compatible together, for commercial and housing.

Based on IP

Matter is the applicative layer which allows products using WiFi, Thread or Bluetooth to communicate together.

Confidentiality and security

Matter is based on standard and well-known security algorithms as ECC NIST P256 and AES-CCM-128.

Standardized and open source

Matter is a collaborative project led by the Connectivity Standards Alliance and its members, accessible in open source.

About Matter

Matter (formerly Project Connected Home Over IP – CHIP) was born inside the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly Zigbee Alliance). It today gathers the major names of the IoT (Amazon, Apple, Legrand, Google, IKEA, Schneider Electric, Samsung, Signify…).

Matter’s ambition? Become THE standardized and certified protocol which makes all smart home devices compatible. But not only! Matter is also dedicated to commercial, for smart buildings.

How does Matter work?

Matter is IP based and acts as an applicative layer allowing products using WiFi, Bluetooth or Thread to be compatible. A Matter product set up is done thanks to Bluetooth.

To know more

Matter’s benefits

This project has a double ambition: simplify the daily uses, by making compatible smart devices from different brands; and simplify those products design. Matter is thought as a solution to be adopted by the manufacturers and the market.

For users, it is the assurance to being able to simply setup and use their Matter products. It is also the opportunity for them to grow their ecosystem, Matter products are all compatible together.

For developers, there is one and only SKU. It is a considerable saving in time and money, to allow more product innovation.

Finally, for resellers, Matter is the assurance to simplify the buying experience thanks to a simple setup. Fewer products return, fewer technical explications due to direct compatibility between different brands.

NodOn, on its way to Matter!

Since our arrival in the Connectivity Standards Alliance, we were active in Matter workgroups. NodOn actively participate to its construction and its democratization in Europe, and particularly in France. We are amongst the first French manufacturers, alongside Somfy and Legrand, to closely study this technology. We are designing a prototype which will be available by the end of 2021, in the objective to add this technology to our catalog and offering it to our OEM/ODM customers.