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Your product, our connectivity

Our R&D experts work with you to create your connected product. We have all the electronic skills to develop your firmware, which will integrate perfectly with your hardware. We can also provide you with complementary hardware bricks.

In order to simplify your integrations and the adoption of your products to the market, we work with standard technologies and protocols; this will allow you to enter easily on existing ecosystems.

As part of our quality approach, all tests and qualifications are carried out in our laboratories on state-of-the-art equipment in order to guarantee radio certification and strong reliability.

1.  Analysis and definition of your needs

2.  Audit of your ecosystem

3. Development
(firmware/hardware) of the
product connectivity

4.  Personalized technical follow-up

For over 10 years, NodOn has been designing and manufacturing interoperable products for the connected building and home. With Connectivity by NodOn, we put our expertise in radio protocols and technologies to help our customers make their own connected products, interoperable and scalable. Our solutions are market-proven and take into account the constraints of Mass Production.

Thomas Gauthier, CEO of NodOn

Multiple benefits

Technical capacities

  • R&D / Connectivity experts
  • Smart Home / Building ecosystem experts
  • Radio qualification (Antenna design, anechoic chamber, etc.)
  • Product qualification (Cycling, ageing, etc.)
  • Tests & traceability

Radio technologies
and protocols

Use cases

Air conditioning
Gate / Garage door
Swimming pool
Your product

You want to create or launch your product for the connected building?

Our team will assist you in defining your project and in carrying it out, contact us.