We are thrilled to be officially member of the Zigbee Alliance besides many manufacturers. Discover why we have done this choice.

Your products will be Zigbee certified

We master Zigbee protocol right down to our fingertips, all our range is available in white label and ready to be declined using Zigbee:

  • Actuators: relay switches, smart plugs
  • Sensors: temperature and humidity, motion, door/window opening
  • Controllers: remotes, wall switches, buttons

We design your product and certify it to make it enter the Zigbee ecosystem.
We realize the Zigbee certification process for all our customers:

Choosing the Zigbee certified SoC

Certification Process
with the Zigbee Alliance certified test house

Certification validated!!
Your product is officially Zigbee certified and recognized by the Alliance

Discover in detail the process on the Zigbee Alliance website.

At the end of this certification process, you benefit from a product certified and referenced on the Zigbee Alliance website, compatible with the 3,000 products already Zigbee certified.

Did you know?
We choose to integrate the latest Zigbee certified SoC. As of now, we think about your future: those are compatible with CHIP, allowing your product to be integrated to the future CHIP ecosystem.
To know more about our white label and OEM/ODM solutions, click here.

A NodOn range, Zigbee Green Power

We will launch our battery-free Zigbee range (available in 2021). We believe more than ever in battery-free and energy harvesting technologies, already in our EnOcean range.

We stay the course, by making all our products Zigbee battery-free thanks to Green Power. This feature allows to integrate the use of energy harvesting technologies to the Zigbee stack. Thus, remotes, wall switches and sensors will be Zigbee Green Power, it means battery-free for easy maintenance and use. Relay switches and plugs will also be Green Power, to communicate directly with controllers and sensors.

To know more about Green Power

For innovation, one of our core values

Becoming a member of the Zigbee Alliance allows us to share a knowledge base around Zigbee ecosystem. We joined the Alliance to move the smart home and smart building market, besides many manufacturers among which Amazon, Google, Signify, IKEA.

We are confident that the Zigbee will take off in the next months and years to come, and we want to be at the forefront of this movement. That’s why we design devices which will be compatibles with voice assistants, simple to set up and always easy to use daily. Innovation is our driver!

To participate to the creation of CHIP

As a manufacturer, it is important to design devices which work with all types of solutions. Today, the market is not completely uniformed around one same technology. CHIP (Connected Home over IP) challenge is to allow this. The promise is simple: a secured and low power protocol allowing a full interoperability between devices.

Joining the Alliance allows us to actively participate to the creation of this future protocol, we are very happy to be part of it! We will also be more agile in our products development.