This year 2018 is a key year for the smart home market, which becomes more accessible, in particular thanks to the rise of vocal assistants. The market has all the keys to grow fastly, and it is more than a trend. It already predicts the avent of smart cities.

A new and connected home…

The smart home isn’t only dedicated to high tech lovers, it is now directly accessible… since construction! Companies from the building sector, which whom NodOn collaborates with on a daily basis, are driving this new market. They now propose to their clients a turnkey smart home or smart flat, from lighting to heating and roller shutters, and much more thanks to services’ ranges adapted to everyone.

Product interoperability, installation by professionals, simplicity of use for everyday: the client now benefits advantages of new house and smart house (more information on Le Plan Immobilier)!

…to simplify every day’s life

Why smart home knows such a big popularity? Because it simplifies every day life to everyone: parents and children, seniors, persons with disabilities, etc.

Whether it is to close all the roller shutters with a remote (if it is battery less, it is even more practical, lasting and environment-friendly!), to have an effective light management according to the presence/absence of people in a room or even a heating system which automatically adjusts itself following the temperature, the smart home makes all its users happy.

Its keywords: comfort, economy and security. Some use trends are emerging from the new and connected houses. Users priority is to control light, roller shutters and adjust heating according to their wishes and rhythm of life. Of course, the arrival of voice assistant is reinforcing the simplicity of control for smart home.

And tomorrow… the smart city

As a specialist of accessories which turn the home and building connected, NodOn is part of companies which create and develop this new market. Our several exchanges and collaboration allow us to affirm that smart buildings, new or renovated with wireless sensors and actuators, are more and more present in Europe. They will give life to smart cities.

Today, buildings become intelligent to allow more energy efficiency, and more comfort. We equip hotels with wireless and battery-less card switch to not forget to turn the light OFF when the host is not in the room, schools with temperature sensors to smartly manage the heating, or whole buildings with moduls and wireless and battery-less remotes allowing to facilitate the control of roller shutters….

Tomorrow, all buildings will be smart. After tomorrow, smart city will be born: smart, environment-friendly and adapted to the lift rythm of the citizens.