NodOn at REXEL’s catalogue and Energeasy Connect compatible

NodOn range is now fully available in all REXEL agencies and on

NodOn devices (see complete list below) are compatible with Energeasy Connect solution for smart home, allowing you to retrofit a house or a building without construction work to turn it smart and remotely controllable with Energeasy Connect smart home hub.

Pairing & associate NodOn device with Energeasy Connect

Tutorials are already available to help you install your NodOn devices and set up your scenarios with Energeasy Connect gateway.

See below the set up tutorial of the Multifunction Relay Switch.

Compatible devices with Energeasy Connect:

EnOcean Wall Switch, wireless and battery less. The switch is delivered with one and two keys, allowing you to change its set up to control your devices.

EnOcean Soft Remote wireless and battery-less

EnOcean Opening door/window sensor wireless and battery less

EnOcean Temperature Sensor wireless and battery less

EnOcean Temperature and humidity sensor wireless and battery-less

EnOcean Card Switch wireless and battery-less, ideal for your hotel projects

EnOcean Multifunction Relay Switch, for your heating system

Very soon compatible:

EnOcean ON/OFF Lighting Relay Switch to control light and create a wireless and battery-less back-and-forth

EnOcean Roller Shutter Relay Switch

EnOcean Motion Sensor

EnOcean Smart Plug with power cut detection

EnOcean Smart Plug with metering

Micro Smart Plug EnOcean, the smallest EnOcean plug CE certified to measure consumption of your electrical devices

Z-Wave Wall Switch

Soft Remote Z-Wave

Octan Remote Z-Wave (has a wall mounting support)

Z-Wave Smart Plug with power cut detection

Micro Smart Plug Z-Wave, the smallest Z-Wave plug CE certified to measure consumption of your electrical devices


You have a question or need help regarding the use of NodOn product with Energeasy Connect? Please contact us or on REXEL forum dedicated to Energeasy Connect.