Because many of you wants to use direct association with their switches and remotes and did not find how to do it, we wanted to write this little tutorial to show how to do it using VERA Edge and VERA Plus.


First of all, you should know that if you can use direct association, for lighting, shutters or any device it is a good choice. Direct associations are more reliable and commands works faster. You send a command directly on your device and if your gateway is down, you still can control your devices.
The only problem is that you can control only few devices and can not make complicated scenes.

First, you have to get your devices integrated to your system. For our example, we are going to use a Wall Switch in direct association with a Micro Smart Plug:

Once done, just select the Wall Switch and select the “DEVICE OPTION” section.

In here, we want to use left side buttons to ON/OFF our plug. Left side buttons are using parameter 1 and Group 6. If we would use right side buttons we would do the same changes using parameter 2 and Group 7.

So we have to “add a configuration setting“. We’ll change parameter 1 to value 2 (this will change left buttons settings in DUO mode. The upper left button will turn our plug ON and the lower left button will turn our plug OFF).
Then we “add a group“. Just select 6 values to add to the correct group and “set” the devices you want to add to this group.
In our example, we only select our Micro Smart Plug (but you can add more devices):

After that state, just “save” the changes.

The configuration is now finished. You’ll have to send all those changes to your switch. Unfortunately, you will not have any confirmation once done. This is why we suggest to change the Led parameter (parameter 8 to value 1 / 2 or 3) in that way your switch will blink after any press. This will confirm the parameters are well sent (and you just have to turn OFF the Led parameter after, to save up battery).

To send the parameter changes to your switch, just select it in your control panel and go into “Advanced Section“. Then select “Commands” tab.

As your switch (or remote) is sleeping most of time to save battery, you will have to wake it up before sending the commands. For that, just press any of its buttons. You can press a button every second to make sure the remote won’t fall asleep during the process and then press “Configure Node Right Now” in the user interface while you are pressing buttons of your switch.
This is probable it does not work the first time and you may re send the command a second time. If you have changed the Led parameter, you will see the Led blinking after any press, in this case, it will confirm the commands have well been sent. Your Wall Switch is now direclty associated with your Micro Smart Plug!