Project Description

Zigbee multifunciton relay switch with metering

Control access to your home, your heating and much more

The Zigbee Multifunction Relay Switch with Metering enables users to control their garage door, gate, heater, power socket, boiler… It also allows the metering to make energy savings. It is easy to install on existing equipment to connect it and make it remotely controllable – requires a compatible home automation system – with a smartphone, by voice or automatically.

High switching capacity

3.000W for controlling individual devices or collective (water heater, boiler…)


Metering of instant and cumulated power to make energy savings

Potential-free output

The Relay Switch has a potential-free output

Ultra low profile

Compact Relay Switch for installation in flush-mounted boxes

Installation at the electrical panel

Install your Zigbee module in just a few minutes, either in a flush-mounted box or on the electrical panel with the NodOn DIN Rail Box.

Update over the air

The relay switch is quick to update thanks to the OTA function. Updates can be carried out via a compatible home automation system and the NodOn Connect app

Compatible with all Zigbee ecosystems

Zigbee 3.0, this relay switch is 100% Zigbee interoperable interoperable

With my Zigbee Multifunction Metering Module, I can :

Technical specifications

Power supply: 230V AC ~ 50Hz
Switching capabilities: 230V AC – 14A
Consumption: <1W
Maximum output power: 3.000W – Integrated zero crossing
RF protocol: Zigbee 3.0
Radio frequency range: 2.4 GHz
RF power max: +10dBm
Range: up to 40m indoors
Operational temperature:
The SIN withstands ambient temperatures :
• Between -20 and 40° in the open air.
• Between -20 and 35°C in a flush-mounted box.
• Between -20 and 40°C in the NodOn DRB (Din Rail Box).
• Between -20 and 40°C in the NodOn BPS
(Surface-Mounted Box).
Protection rating: IP 20
Device ID Type: Smart Plug (0x0051)
Commercial Warranty: 2 years

SIN-4-1-21 – Zigbee multifunciton relay switch with metering

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