Project Description

Zigbee pilote wire heating module

Intelligent management of electric radiators with pilot wire

Dedicated to pilot wire electric radiators, the Zigbee Pilot Wire Heating Module connects them and automates heating management to save energy. It can be used to manage up to six modes: Comfort, Eco, No Frost and Stop. Paired with a compatible home automation system, heating management becomes intelligent and automatic.

6 modes available

The Pilot Wire Heating Module has 6 modes: Comfort, Comfort -1°C*, Comfort -2°C*, Eco, No Frost, Stop


Metering of instant power and cumulated energy, to make energy savings

Installation without construction works

Behind the grommet of the electric pilot wire heater

Update Over The Air (OTA)

The relay switch is quick to update thanks to the OTA feature. Updates can be carried out via a compatible home automation system

Smart heating management

Technical specifications

Power supply: 230V AC ~ 50Hz
Consumption: <1W
Heater maximum power: 3680 W
Metering of Instant power (W) and cumulated Energy (Wh) – compatible home automation gateway needed
RF Protocol: Zigbee 3.0
Radio frequency range: 2.4Ghz
RF power max: +10dBm
Range: up to 40m indoor
Operational temperature:
The SIN withstands ambient temperatures :
• Between -20 and 40° in the open air.
• Between -20 and 35°C in a flush-mounted box.
• Between -20 and 40°C in the NodOn DRB (Din Rail Box).
• Between -20 and 40°C in the NodOn BPS
(Surface-Mounted Box).
Protection rating: IP 20

Certifications and standards

IEC 60730-1:2013+A1:2015
EN 60730-1:2016+A1:2019+A2:2022 & EN IEC 60730-2-7:2020

EN 300220-2 V3.1.1
EN 301489-01 V2.1.1 – EN 301489-03 V2.1.1
EN 62479:2010
2012/19/EC WEEE Directive

Zigbee pilot wire heating module

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