Available since few weeks, the NodOn In Wall Module let you install a toggle switch with no painting or electrical work.

In our case, our friend Fred has a switch inside his wardrobe on the left and wants to instal an other switch on the right.


For that, he asks his electrician to install a NodOn In Wall Module behind his existing wall switch.

The man first turns OFF the power in the room and unstich the wall switch.



With his only screwdriver and a cutting pliers, he finds all needed accessories to install the device in the package of the In Wall Module (Wires, quick hitch…).

He plugs the module as follow :



5 minutes later, the switch is back in place and everything works as before.

Fred can now pair a new Remote by triple pressing the Wall Switch. _R0A0612-BD

He will also pair a new NodOn Wall Switch and stick it on the right side of his wardrobe.


Fred can now add as many Switches or Remotes he wants to control the light.