Prerequisite products

Controller’s choice

Relay switch installation

Wiring diagrams

On a garage door, a gate or an electric door-opener

Installation at the electrical panel - NodOn DIN Rail Box is needed

Devices pairing

To pair a controller, follow the opposite procedure.

To add a remote/wall switch (EnOcean compatible) you must enter the pairing mode. The Relay Switch must be paired and underpower supply.

1- Launch pairing with 3 consecutive quick presses on the module button. The LED blinks in red.

2- You have 30 seconds to pair your emitter by doing a long press on the button of your choice, this one will control the openingof your garage door/gate.

The opposite button (channel A or B – see « use of the remote ») will control the closing of your garage door/gate.

3- The module LED blinks twice in green, confirming the pairing of the two devices.

Note: if the LED blinks orange during the pairing procedure, it means that more than 24 emitters are paired and that no one canbe paired anymore. You need to delete one to be able to add a new emitter.

Technical support

You have a specific question or need help regarding the installation or use of your product? Contact us by email at rf.no1716411072don@t1716411072roppu1716411072s1716411072 or at +33 7 68 04 20 90.