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Philips Hue Battery-less switch

Control all your Philips Hue lights without your smartphone

No more need to use your smartphone to control your Philips Hue lights! This wireless and battery-less switch is compatible with all your Hue lights (Philips Hue Bridge v2 needed). You can turn your lights ON/OFF, vary light intensity and launch scenarios priory setup in your Hue app. Wireless, this radio Zigbee switch can be installed wherever you want at home (with screws or adhesive bounding): wall, kitchen credence, furniture, etc. It works without batteries (thanks to kinetic energy, no reload needed) and doesn’t need any maintenance. Control as of now your Hue lights and launch light scenarios with one single switch.

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No battery

The switch doesn’t need batteries to work. No load, no maintenance!

Wireless setup

This Friends of Hue switch is radio and can be installed wherever you want (with screws or adhesive bounding)

Philips Hue lights control

No more need to use your smartphone to turn your lights ON/OFF, you can do it now with NodOn Friends of Hue switch

Light intensity variation

Choose to brighten the light or to vary your lights intensity for a softer atmosphere. All of this with your switch, without your smartphone

Trigger scenes

Create in your Hue app your lighting scenes and trigger it with your switch: reading, concentration, relaxation… No more need of your app, only your Friends of Hue switch

Smart and battery-less switch

Control several rooms or home zone

Once your Hue app (Android, iOS) and your Philips Hue Bridge v2 are installed, setup the two buttons of your switch in Hue app to control the lights of one or several rooms at home.

Change the light atmosphere

Endless configuration choice according to your habits and preferences. The switch can turn lights ON/OFF, vary light intensity, and launch a scenario or a light scene chosen or created in Hue app.

Smart and battery-less

No more batteries needed, your switch works thanks to mechanical energy created by the push on a button. You enjoy a daily use without the need to load or change batteries.

Quick installation, wherever you want

Install the switch wherever you want in the home. Wireless, it is easy to put on a wall, a furniture, a credence and much more thanks to adhesive bounding (included) or to screws (not included).

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Buy on amazon

Technical specifications

Power source: Magneto-resistive (no battery)
4 buttons – 2 channels
Mounting: wireless using adhesive bounding (included) or screws (not included)
Temperature: from -10°C to 40°C
Radio: Zigbee
Radio frequency range: 2.406-2.481GHz
RF power max: 7dBm
Range: up to 20m indoor
Dimensions: 80x80x15mm

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