Technical specifications

Power: 230V AC 50Hz (EU) / 110V AC 60Hz (US)
Max switching capacity:
3.000W (Continuous)
3.680W (Temporary) on resistive load
Metering of Instant power (W) and cumulated Energy (Wh)
Consumption: < 1W
Frequency range: 868,0 to 868,6 Mhz
Radio range – inside use:
Masonry: 30m
Reinforced concrete: 15m
Placoplatre or wood: 40m
Protection index: IP 20
Pairing: up to 22 controllers
EEP EnOcean Profile: D2-01-0B
Dimension: 104*51*36mm


Compatible smart home hubs


Q: How many remotes/wall switches can be paired to one plug?
A: It is possible to add up to 22 remotes/wall switches on a same plug.


Q: Can my plug be used as an EnOcean repeater?
A: By defaults no. To avoid « pollution » of radio signals, the plug can only receive the signals. However it is possible to activate the repeater mode on the plug, it necessitates the acquisition of material and specific software.

Technical support

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