Prerequisite products

Controller’s choice

Module installation

Wiring diagrams

On a Roller Shutter – with wall switch

On a Roller Shutter – without wall switch

At the electrical panel – NodOn DIN Rail Box is needed

Advanced mode - repeater

The repeater mode is requisite if two devices of the installation are 30 meters far away one from another.

The activation of the repeater mode has to be made with the module under power supply.
When the repeater mode is activated, the ON/OFF Lighting Relay Switch will repeat all the messages from EnOcean network, and so increase the range of the devices around it.

To activate the repeater mode, please refer to the Roller Shutter Relay Switch user guide.

Appairage des produits

Each module installed must be paired to one same controller to permit a centralize control. To pair a controller, please refer to the Roller ShutterModule user guide.

Technical support

You have a specific question or need help regarding the installation or use of your product? Contact us by email at rf.no1716414610don@t1716414610roppu1716414610s1716414610 or at +33 7 68 04 20 90.