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New roadmap for NodOn® at Universités d’été Smart Buildings for Smart Cities
September 5-6, 2018 – Lyon, France

Newly member of the Smart Buildings Alliance, the manufacturer of accessories for smart homes and smart buildings will be at the Universités d’Eté Smart Buildings for Smart Cities, on September 5-6, 2018 in Lyon, France. The occasion to present its range of radio battery-less Ready2Services devices and to affirm its manufacturer expertise.

New roadmap for NodOn®: beyond the products, a manufacturer expertise

Known on the smart home and smart building market for its products and expertise, NodOn® see partnerships flourish (Somfy, Ubiwizz, Ansell Lighting, …) beyond the installation and distribution of his own label range. The manufacturer now proposes two offers of industrial partnership (OEM/ODM), dedicated to companies which want to create their own devices for smart homes or smart buildings. The main benefits? A complete customization, a fast time to market and a low R&D investment. NodOn® will present its two OEM/ODM offers in exclusivity at Universités d’Eté Smart Buildings for Smart Cities.

A radio wireless range compatible with Ready2Services label for smart buildings

NodOn® will be for the second time at the Universités d’Eté of the Smart Buildings Alliance. This event is now inescapable for the smart building market, it will regroup 1200 professionals to exchange about the smart buildings and the smart cities. NodOn® takes already part of the standards of the new Ready2Services (R2S) label launched by the SBA, with a complete range of EnOcean® actuators, sensors and controllers for smart homes and smart buildings.

« As a specialist of smart building’s first layer it was essential for our products to be registered in the R2S standard to carry those issues. Our first ambition is to permit energy saving and energy efficiency to the building, but also the comfort to the user. That’s why we create radio and battery-less products, interoperable. » Thomas GAUTHIER, CEO of NodOn®.

NodOn®’s ambition: equip all houses and buildings with connected radio devices to control lighting, heating, shutters and all electrical devices. Hundreds of thousands of NodOn® devices are already installed in houses, hotels, buildings or schools worldwide. The manufacturer has a recognized expertise on its market, and a capacity for innovation which allows him today to propose the most complete EnOcean® range of the market, to turn a house smart without construction works.

NodOn® officially member of the Smart Buildings Alliance

It is official, NodOn® has joined the Smart Buildings Alliance as partner member. This membership follows the strategic orientation of the manufacturer, as Thomas GAUTHIER, CEO of NodOn® explains: « We believe in radio, battery-less and interoperable devices. It permits installers and users more flexibility and less maintenance. It is the ideal solution to turn buildings smart simply, rapidly and without construction works ».