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IFTTT : If This Then That

La plataforma número 1 en servicios e IoT

Integrando más de 350 objetos y servicios conectados, IFTTT es la plataforma de interoperabilidad número 1 del mundo

Fácil de usar

Gracias a las últimas innovaciones de IFTTT, nunca ha sido tan fácil conectar sus dispositivos y servicios de IoT.

Sin límites

Cree las “reglas si esto, entonces aquello” que se adapten a usted y a su hogar. Sin límites


Con un nuevo canal cada mes, conecte más y más productos y servicios cada día


IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this, then that. The IFTTT community can create if this then that connections, between smart services (such as Gmail®, Dropbox®, Facebook®, Twitter®, etc…) and / or between IoT and Smart devices (such as Nest®, Philips Hue®, NIU by NodOn, Withings®, etc…). Any connections are called an “Applets” which once activated will automate your services and devices, and make them talk to each other.

Whether you’re using the most famous Applets proposed by the Manufacturers, or building your own adatped to your need, IFTTT is the most powerful IoT and services’ Cloud connection tool.

¿Si esto entonces aquello?

IFTTT, stands for “If This Then That”. Use this platform to create rules between services or IoT devices and make them work together: NodOn, Nest®, MyFox®, Gmail®, Facebook®, Netatmo®, Philips Hue® – All your products and services are now talking together, the way you decide.

Learn more about IFTTT here –

¡Si NIU entonces esto!

NIU – Our BLE Smart Button – has its own IFTTT Channel, allowing it to control almost everything, by a simple click. Connect NIU to the App and Devices you love, as simple as a recipe.

Learn more about NIU here –