SIdO, the big french showroom for IoT, took place on April 5-6 in the Cité Internationale of Lyon, France. But why was it so important for NodOn to be at SIdO?

A NodOn/Altyor Group booth

This year, we left the Startup Valley to share a booth with Altyor Group, which design, produce and distribute connected objects. A real occasion to present our product range to an informed audience looking for IoT innovations!

Why being at SIdO?

SIdO is the french showroom for IoT, The place to be! SIdO allowed us to meet our current partners (Ubiant®, Smart Home Europe, etc.) to present roadmap for our newcoming products. We also met a lot of interesting business, like Otodo® who used NIU the smart button with its Hub to control the light or the roller shutters! SIdO, it’s also the occasion to discuss with the main actors on the market, like Legrand® or Somfy®.

Actually, the showroom is a real french exclusivity: we can meet our clients’ customers and talk with them to better understand their needs and problematics, it help us getting a direct feedback, and we can also tell them about NodOn and our technical support.

A big BOOM for IoT

When walking through SIdO’s paths and going to conferences, we have once again realized that the boom of connected objets and smart home attracts new players, like the textile industry for example. Actually, everyone have an interest in this market, because connected objects can be integrated in a lot of different business sectors really different from IoT! At SIdO, we really felt the emergence of new markets and new uses.

The last word?

Ultimately, being at SIdO with Altyor Group was also the occasion to assist to the reveal of the first Sigfox® smart button designed by Altyor. This Sigfox® smart button is fully customizable to fit customers and brands needs and uses, whatever the business sector. Moreover, our booth was just in front of Sigfox®, who is really creating craze in France. What better way to present this new product? 😉