Technical specifications

Power supply: CR2032 battery – 1.5 to 2 years lifetime
4 buttons
Spill and Shock
Frequency used: 868,0 Mhz
Radio range – inside use:
Masonry: 30m
Reinforced concrete: 15m
Placoplatre or wood: 40m
Protection index: IP 54
Radio: Z-Wave® 500 Series
Dimensions: 56*56*20mm


Compatible smart home hub


Q: What is the battery lifetime?
A: The battery has a 2 years lifetime, for 30 actions per day. However be careful, the fact of making several inclusions / exclusions can reduce the battery lifetime in a considerable way.

Q: My home automation gateway displays an error message « error of communication » when I don’t use my remote. The message disappears when I use it and reappear.  Is it normal?
A: It can happens in some cases. Some home automation gateway still mishandle devices using battery and try to communicate with them at regular interval. Most of devices using battery enter a standby mode when they aren’t sollicited. Therefore they are undetectables by the home automation gateway. They reappear when we use it and when they aren’t used, they disappear.

Technical support

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