Technical specifications

Power source: photovoltaic cell, with 3 days autonomy
Autonomous operation: 200 Lumens
Temperature measuring range: 0°C to 40°C (0.1°C resolution) – inside use
Humidity measuring range: 0 to 100% RH – inside use
Mounting: using adhesive bounding (included) or screws (not included)
First use without battery can necessitate a brightness charge <10 minutes
Optional CR1216 battery (not included) for dark area use
Autonomy in total darkness: 3 years
Pairing button at the back of the sensor
Frequency: 868Mhz or 908MHz
Radio range – inside use:
Masonry: 30m
Reinforced concrete: 15m
Placoplatre or wood: 40m
Protection index: IP 20
EEP EnOcean Profile: A5-04-01
Dimensions: 80*26*18mm


For proper functioning, do not install the Temperature and Humidity Sensor near a window or a heater.


To change the battery of the Temperature and Humidity Sensor, open its hood. You can change the CR1216 battery.

Pairing procedure

To pair the Temperature Sensor with an EnOcean compatible device, open its hood and press once on the pairing button.

Advanced features

Solar power source: 200 lumens for an autonomous use

  • Reload of the battery from 200 lumens
  • Expose the product at 400 lumens for 4 hours to reload it for 24h of autonomy in total darkness
  • Maximum capacity: reload for 3 days of autonomy

Compatible smart home hub


Q: My sensor is ON since 5 minutes and I didn’t receive any information. Is it normal?

A: Yes. The sensor sends temperature statements in a period between 10 and 20 minutes to save its internal battery. However, it directly sends the information when it detects a change of more than one degree.


Q: My sensor isn’t in front of a window. Can it work?

A:  Yes. The sensor stores the solar light, incandescent and fluorescent. If a light near the sensor stays ON for a certain time, then the sensor will use it to reload itself. If the sensor is in total darkness (in a chest for example), it is possible to add a battery for 3 years autonomy.

Technical support

You have a specific question or need help regarding the installation or use of your product? Contact us by email at rf.no1664268489don@t1664268489roppu1664268489s1664268489 or at +33 7 68 04 20 90.