Welcome to NodOn backstage, where our innovations born and grow!

At NodOn’s, to innovate is to rewrite the codes, to think user experience and technical performance, but it is also create new products answering the market needs. Sylvain, R&D Manager and Alexis, Lead system engineer at NodOn, are giving you NodOn vision of innovation.

How do NodOn innovations start?

Alexis: We take inspiration from our previous projects to invent new products of tomorrow, by working on new technologies that we are the first to experiment. But the most important thing in an innovation birth is teamwork and to create a functional product which will answer the uses, while integrating the new technical specifications.

Sylvain: We think a lot about architecture, we work with leaders of all branches while taking everyone needs and constraints into account. Our goal is always to create an aesthetic product, which answers the required functions and which can be used in everyday’s life.

No innovation born from a single person, it is an exchange of ideas and a collaborative work.

What is the innovation process at NodOn?

S: The different stages are ideation, proof of concept and development. We begin with an idea and we exchange all along the project with the different branches: design, mechanical, firmware and hardware.

A: We think as an overall point of view, we are in a full « teamwork » mode. We exchange, compromise, it is a real team work.

S: Beyond this team work, we follow a product road map to prioritize projects and stay in a logic of constant innovation, while staying open to new technologies appearing on the market. IoT is a highly changing ecosystem.

Any new product exclusivity…?

S : We are working on the roller shutter module, which will allow to control roller shutters, blinds, venitian blinds. This will be a plug & play product which will automatically do the learning process of the roller shutter of which it will be connected. This is a product which has already found its market, even before its official release. And of course, other innovations will be revealed at CES 2018, let’s meet in Las Vegas!

3 news NodOn are already available…

Relay switch 1 channel – dry contact

Ultra compact, this Relay Switch can easily be set-up without any construction work to control lights, heating system or the access of the house. It works in standalone mode, connected to another EnOcean actuator (wall switch , motion sensor, etc.) or with a compatible home automation gateway.

You will be able to remotely control your garage door or doorway, retrofit your interior without construction work and add wireless wall switches to control your lighting system, the dry contact of your heater or even control all electrical appliances of a same room automatically. Know more

Motion sensor

This wireless motion sensor will allow you to automate the management of your lights and heating for more comfort, security and to realize energy saving. Paired to the Multifunction Relay Switch – dry contact, automatically cut the heating sytem of a room if no presence is detected since an hour, or automatically turn the light ON when someone is entering the room. It can easily be set-up (wall, ceiling, table) and works in standalone mode, connected to another EnOcean actuator (Multifunction Relay Switch – dry contact, Micro Smart Plug) or with a compatible home automation gateway. Know more 

Micro Smart Plug

It it the smallest CE certified EnOcean smart plug ! This concentrate of technology measures in real time the consumption of your electrical appliances and allows you to control it automatically or remotely. The Micro Smart Plug is perfect to measure and adapt your energy consumption, and avoid domestic accidents by turning any appliance OFF when it is over consuming. It has a 1.800W switching capacity, and works in standalone mode, connected to another EnOcean actuator (Motion sensor , Soft Remote) or with a compatible home automation gateway. Know more