Summer has began to show up and the rays of sunshine presage the beginning of holidays! All conditions, almost all, are combined to go on holiday with peace of mind. What if Home Automation could allow you to leave with a mind even more restful? Discover our selection of scenarios to simulate your presence when you are gone and control your home remotely (with a compatible gateway).

Turn the lights ON/OFF like you were there!

To discourage malicious person, automate very simply your lighting management. Nothing more deterrent, beyong a security system, than turning the lights ON or OFF at hours you will have setted up in advance.

The plus, is that you can do it with NodOn In-Wall Module, which make your lighting smart. The solution: set up your In-Wall Modules directly beyond your existing wall switch or on your electronic box. Thus in less than 10 minutes you will make your lighting system smart!

in-wall module

Discover our installation tutorial

You will just have to configure the scenario of your choice on your Home Automation gateway, as for example “turn ON the living-room lights at 10pm and turn it OFF at midnight”.


Open and close your roller shutters at a preset hour

To simulate your presence, we propose you to automate the opening and closing of your roller shutters (with your gateway). For this, you will simply need to make your roller shutters connected with our Roller Shutter Relay Switch (discover our installation tutorial), then define your scenario: entirely open my shutters at 8am, half close it down between noon and 2pm, then close it entirely at 9:30pm!


Get the ubiquity gift with a smart security camera and a connected video intercom


You are concerned about your home security and you want to verify if there is an intrusion in real-time? You can easily know who is ringing at your door thanks to a connected intercom. Some models will even allow you to converse with the interoluctor, even if you are at more than 300kms from there! And with the smart security camera, you will be informed in real-time of any movement inside or outside your house.


Detect a window or door opening remotely

Door/Window opening sensor

With Home Automation, you can know in real-time if one of your door or window are open. How? thanks to the set-up of an opening sensor. No scenario will have to be configured, because the sensor, previously embedded to your gateway, will inform you in real-time of any change. You will of course be able to set-up the receipt of alerts on your smartphone or tablet.


Be warned in real-time of a power failure

If a power failure takes place whilst you are away, you can directly be informed thanks to NodOn Smart Plug. Plugged on your fridge or freezer and embedded with your Home Automation gateway, you will instantly know when the power was cut off and which appliance is affected.

Smart Plug Enocean

The must to avoid losing the content of your freezer: install a smart lock. You will just have to ask your neighboors of friends to come at your house without needed a key!


Find out more about NodOn products Smart Plug, Door/Window opening sensor, Roller Shutter Relay Switch, and In-Wall Module at REXEL or one of our distributors.