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Taking advantage of an important standardization work from EnOcean® GmBh and EnOcean® Alliance, interoperability between the products, whoever the manufacturer is, is always ensured, allowing the end user to expand everyday his wireless devices ecosystem into the house, and created scenarios which correspond to its expectations.


Who never dreams about stop changing batteries into wireless consumer electronics products? EnOcean® did it! All our EnOcean® products (controllers and sensors) are wireless and battery-less, and harvest the needed energy in a smart and innovative way (movement, sun, heat, etc.)


EnOcean® technology is already installed in more than 10.000 commercial buildings around the world and offers now, through NodOn® products, its expertise to the consumer electronics world, in the houses.


EnOcean® revolutionized connected objects? world, by creating the world 1st wireless protocol, which is capable to work with that small energy, that even a battery becomes obsolete! Based on natural energy harvesting physical principles (magneto-resistivity, photovoltaic, Pelletier effect, etc.), EnOcean® products harvest the needed energy from their environments: Movement of a rocker, lightning of a solar panel, heat variation into a heater valve, everything is possible!

Taking advantage of several months of R&D, and with the strong support of EnOcean® GmBh and EnOcean® Alliance teams, NodOn® engineers developed (and are still developing) a complete product line of EnOcean® certified products, mixing user-friendliness, easiness of use and innovation.
Using EnOcean® energy harvesting technology as a framework, NodOn® products differentiate themselves through contemporary designs and innovative functionalities, in order to bring this breathtaking technology into the consumer electronic world.
Home Automation has never been easier than with NodOn® products!

When our products use EnOcean® protocol, our logo changes its color, in order to easily recognize products which are compliant together.

NodOn® is an active member of EnOcean® Alliance since 2013.

EnOcean® protocol is now defined by the new ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 standard, which makes it the first energy harvesting wireless protocol owning its international ISO standard.