EnOcean Smart Plug

NodOn | Enocean | EnOcean Smart Plug


The NodOn® Smart Plug can be controlled through an EnOcean® compliant home automation gateway or directly through other EnOcean® controllers, such as the NodOn® Soft Remote or Wall Switch. In German standard (Schuko) or French (Type E), the plug can be mounted in both side, head up or head down. Combined with its very thin design, these both specificities allow an easy integration, without obstructing beside power holes on a power strip. Learning process between the plug and its controller takes only few seconds. A local button allows to switch ON or OFF the plug locally.
Combined with an Home Automation gateway, the plug detects power outage and send an emergency frame to it



Power Source : 230V AC +/-10% - 50Hz Maximum output power – 3.000W continuous load / 3.500W temporary load (Resistive load) Self consumption: <1W
Operational temperature – 0°C to 40°C - Altitude – 2.000m
Radio protocol – EnOcean® - 868.3MHz – Bi-directional - EEP – D2-01-0A
Range: 30m indoor
Main power outage detection and notification
Dimension : 104*51*36mm