Enocean In Wall Module 1 channel

NodOn | Enocean | Enocean In Wall Module 1 channel


The NodOn® in-wall module can be controlled through an EnOcean® compliant Home Automation Gateway or directly through other EnOcean® controllers, such as the NodOn® Soft Remote, Wall Switch or Card Switch. Mounted behind your existing wired Wall Switch or in the ceiling or an electrical socket, the NodOn® in-wall module allows to make your home smarter (lights, heaters, garage door, etc...) very simply.
With its 2300W switching capacity and potential-free input, make your home smarter, without changing any single appliance.



Power supply : 230V AC +/-10% - 50Hz
Maximum output power: 1*2.3kW
Self-consumption: <1W
Operational temperature – 0°C to 40°C - Altitude – 2.000m
EnOcean® radio protocol : 868.3MHz Bidirectionnal - EEP : D2-01-0E
Range: 30m
2 inputs for existing wired wall switch(es)
Dimension – 40*45*16,9mm
Warranty 2 years