Wireless and Battery-less EnOcean temperature sensor

NodOn | Enocean | Wireless and Battery-less EnOcean temperature sensor


The NodOn® indoor temperature sensor is a wireless and battery-less sensor, EnOcean® compliant. Combined with a Home Automation Gateway, the sensor sends the temperature of a room with a precision below 0.2°C, and a measure range from 0°C to 40°C. The sensor checks the temperature every 100sec. If the temperature changed for more than 0.5°C compare to previous value, the new temperature is sent to the Gateway. Without any variation, the temperature is sent every 15 minutes. An optional CR1216 battery (not included) can be mounted, increasing the sensor lifetime up to 5 years in total darkness



Power source - Solar panel
Measurement range 0°C to 40°C (0.16°C resolution) – Indoor use
Wall mounting using adhesive bounding (included) or screws (not included)
Optional CR1216 battery (not included) for dark area use (5years in total darkness)
Operational temperature – 0°C to 40°C - Altitude – 2.000m
Radio protocol – EnOcean® - 868.3MHz - EEP – A5-02-05
Range: 30m indoor
Dimension : 80*26*18mm